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Gwen Van Steenberge, Reviving Lodi Iron

September, 2011. Interview. IEM Alum. Read Full Article Here.

How to Uncover Hidden Job Opportunities
Fox 6 July 2012 (television interview)

Uncovering Hidden Job Opportunities
Fox 6, July 2012 (television interview)

Daytime Interview, Resumes Are Worthless, Tampa
(television interview)

Daytime Interview, Resumes Are Worthless, Mobile
(television interview)

IEM Online

Out of State? Out of Town? Not a problem.

IEM is a distinguished business opportunity for any professional looking to advance their career. Access to this premier experience is not determined by geographic location.

All clients participate in class activities online, through their computer. 

This is the 21st century and most things happen online. From creating your own business website as part of your corporate simulation activity, to posting assignment journals as vimeo videos, and getting connected on LinkedIn, all clients, regardless of location, use the internet to facilitate their activities with IEM. So no matter where you live, the IEM experience works for you.

Our goals are bigger than a homework grade or pretty pieces of paper.

Everything we do here at IEM is about making our clients successful in the business they want. That means giving assignments that get you away from your desk and into the offices with successful business people in YOUR business network. Birmingham is amazing, but building connections here won't help you if you live in Chicago or Paris. For that reason, we structure assignments so that you talk to and shake hands with the people that build a network where it makes the most sense for you.  The IEM experience is about so much more than checking off a list of completed homework. We are here to make sure you receive the tools you need to succeed where you are right now.

What to Expect

Clients of IEM receive a real-world view, a focus on networking and a solid group of successfully established instructors who are passionate about seeing their clients grow in their business and as professional individuals–no matter where you are! IEM instructors and administrators make it a priority to work with clients so that this degree can fit into their schedules, lives, and now their location— where ever that happens to be.

  • Real-World Experience. IEM clients will not be doing academic exercises from out-dated textbooks that do not apply to how things really work. In fact, we get clients up and DOING as much as possible. Using projects, group sessions, C-Level interviews, lectures, and anything else we can think of– we incorporate all bodies of knowledge as needed – but our focus is on delivering Return-on-Investment very quickly. (We know – ROI is a time based equation – but you get the idea!)
  • We focus on you! IEM is client-centric – i.e. the clients (you) are our focus. We are not working to map all graduates into the same model, and we are not your typical graduate degree. The way we see it, our job is to train you and give you what you need to reach success professionally. Each client entering IEM has unique skills and goals. Our goal is to help each person decide what they WANT and then go after getting it – TODAY. The IEM leadership team believes no time is like the present for going after what you want — no need to say “I will do this when I get my degree.”  We want you working on your goals as part of the IEM experience.
  • Hands on Training and a Tangible Learning Experience. You will not find yourself sitting for hours watching online PowerPoint presentations made by faculty who do not even know if you are listening.  Instead the faculty will provide you a road map of educational content consisting of videos, books, conferences, and a variety of other sources. Leave rote memorization to elementary math class, in IEM, we’ll have you actively pursuing your professional goals from day one.
  • Networking. The saying used to be "It's all about who you know".  In IEM we rephrase this to "It's all about who knows you".   Not only will you build your network with your fellow classmates, professors, and alumni, we will teach you the skills you need to network effectively and enhance your career.
  • We bring IEM to YOU. Most online degrees provided by major universities have a required residency. Instead, we plan to come to you! (That’s just practical!) Bringing you to the big city of Birmingham, AL and introducing you to professionals here would be nice – but our network may not be the network YOU need. So we intend to bring you the tools and training you need to develop your personal network where you are!
  • IEM is at your convenience! Time zones, not a problem. No delayed flights, and no travel fees. Access the IEM experience from anywhere in the world, at a time that makes sense for you.