E-mail #4 – 7/25/14

·       Fall Registration

·       Seminar Assignment #3

·       Seminar Assignment Reminders

·       Seminar Presentations

·       IEM Seminar Daily Theme

·       IEM Seminar After Hours

·       Parking at UAB

Fall Registration


Registration instructions have been e-mailed to all admitted clients. If you did not receive this email, please let me know ASAP and I will resend it so you can register. Please make sure that you are registered for classes by August 14.

Seminar Assignment #3


While you’re all officially online clients, we definitely encourage you to attend all three days of the seminar in person. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your new classmates and the faculty, to hear world-class speakers, to be well-fed and entertained, to complete the class during this first weekend, and most importantly to begin forging relationships that will dramatically impact your professional life.

Complete this short survey about your admission to IEM as well as your seminar attendance.


Seminar Assignment Reminders


Assignment #3 – IEM Survey is due August 5 (information above)

Assignment #2 – video is due July 31 (see 7/10/14 email for details)

Assignment #1 – make sure you have read the book by August 14 (see 6/27/14 email for details).

Seminar Presentations


We invite you to join the live stream in Canvas each day to hear some dynamic speakers. You will receive an official agenda closer to the seminar date, but make plans now to join us during these times for keynote presentations and panels (all times are CST):

·       Thursday, August 14 from 8 am – 12 noon and again from 4 -5 pm

·       Friday, August 15 from 8 am – 11 am

·       Saturday, August 16 from 8 am – 12:15 pm

IEM Seminar Daily Theme


Thursday, August 14 – Getting to Know You

Friday, August 15 – Entrepreneurship and the Power of You

Saturday, August 16 – Leadership and Working with Teams

IEM Seminar After Hours


If you can’t attend the seminar in person or just want a refresher of what happened each day, please make plans to join us for “IEM After Hours” on August 14, 15 and 16 at 7 pm CST to get a recap of the day’s events. Link to join:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116441186436799950797

Parking at UAB


If you plan to join us for classes on campus, you will find that parking can sometimes be a challenge at UAB (especially Fall semester). You have 2 options around the Business-Engineering Complex (BEC) which is located at 1150 Tenth Avenue South.

·       You can purchase a UAB student hangtag (parking permit) through UAB Transportation, for $130/academic year (commuter student permit) and billed to your student account. You must be currently registered for classes to apply. You will need the Make/Model/Tag # and tag expiration date for your vehicle. This hangtag will allow you to park in any Lot 15 space on campus. New permits are issued each Fall and are good for the academic year. Information about ordering your permit now is listed below.

·       If you do not want to purchase a UAB parking hang tag, do not park in any of the student lots or you will be ticketed (minimum of $15 for each fine). Currently, there is parking on Tenth Avenue that is not metered (although they have the posts in the ground now) and there is limited metered parking in the circle in front of the building (on a time limit so you will have to feed the meter regularly). Because our courses meet on Friday and start at 8 am, you can typically find parking on the street, but if you leave for lunch, you may not find a spot when you return. Parking is typically not a problem on Saturdays.

2014-2015 Parking Permits

Student parking permits for 2014 – 2015 school year can be pre-ordered for mail delivery now. All permits will be mailed by the end of July 2014.  Pre-ordered permits cannot be picked up in the Parking Office.

To apply for parking for the new school year clickhere.

All permits ordered before August 10 will be mailedPermits ordered August 11 or after must be picked up at the parking office located at 608 8th Street South.

We hope you are all getting excited about IEM and the seminar. Please let us know if you have any questions.