Man-ThinkingThese are the questions asked by budding entrepreneurs – people caught in

- How do you deal with uncertainty of starting a business?

- How can I explore all of the "what-ifs"?

- What is the first step to take?

- What about the risk?

- Isn't it safer to keep a day job and be happy than to take the risk of going after something big?

- Should I quit my job first or keep my job as long as I can?

- Do I have to risk it all to win?

- How can I determine if my idea is a good one or not?

- How can I guess on the earning potential of an idea?

- How do I do real market research cheaply?

- How do I figure out how to make a product? Manufacturers, etc?

- How do I price my products and services?

- Does everyone who starts a venture succeed?

- What about all those businesses that fail? What caused their failure?

- What if it does not work? Can I return to where I came from?

- I feel like I am a commodity now? What do I do?

- How do I turn a passion into a profit?

- We see the examples of those who risked it an won big (Bill Gates, etc),
What about those who flopped?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found here.