April 2010 - Alumni Spotlight - Waymon Short

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the April 2010 IEM Newsletter.

April’s featured IEM alumnus is Waymon Short, Automotive Diagnostic Test System Engineer with Mercedes-Benz Technology NA, LLC. Waymon’s responsibilities include; developing, coordinating, and integrating new hardware and software, evaluating and defining electrical testing needs. Prior to joining Mercedes in January of 2008, Waymon was an Electrical and Computer Engineer with Comcast Cable.

Waymon received a BS in Electrical Engineering from UAB back in 2006. Waymon entered the IEM program in the fall of 2007 and graduated in 2009.

According to Waymon, “I entered the Information Engineering and Management program because the program offered both a business and a technical blend. I believed that the IEM program would be a natural fit for me because I wanted to be able to enhance my technical knowledge and gain the ability to properly portray my professional experience to others.”

"The biggest surprise of the IEM program was the curriculum," he continued. "The blend of technical and business courses provided diversity and flexibility in a demanding, high–level graduate program. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of team building and individual exercises. Additionally, I believe that each client will improve upon weaknesses and develop new skills because the curriculum is specifically designed for clients of various backgrounds. The curriculum is not centered on one single theory or methodology. Instead, it's focused on molding clients and equipping them with fundamental skills that are needed in order to become cross-functional future leaders," Waymon said.

Today Waymon is benefiting directly from what he learned from the IEM program. According to Waymon, "The IEM program has made me who I am today. I constantly rely on the experiences and the information that I obtained during my studies. I've gained the confidence and ability to quickly adapt to the rapid changes that often occur in an engineering environment. I've also gained the ability to effectively communicate and work with my colleagues towards a common goal. The program has given me the ability to break through the 'glass ceiling' and reach heights that were unreachable."