January 2010 - Alumni Spotlight - Eric Ray

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the January 2010 IEM Newsletter.

January's featured IEM alumnus is Eric Ray, .NET architect with Vulcan Materials Company. Eric’s responsibilities include: providing technical leadership for all .Net initiatives in his group, design, construction, and maintenance of several interfaces and services used for integration, and providing oversight and support for projects being completed offshore. Prior to joining Vulcan in April of 2009, Eric was a Developer Team Lead at Time, Inc. /Southern Progress Corporation.

Eric received a BS in Computer Science from UAB back in 2003. Eric entered the IEM program in the fall of 2007 and graduated in 2009. Eric is a professional speaker/presenter for several prominent conferences including; Alabama Code Camp, .Net University, and the .Net User Group. In addition Eric is a technical reviewer for Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Recently Eric shared some of his thoughts regarding his IEM experience. Here they are in his words:

"Having entered the program in the hope of career opportunity and advancement, the biggest surprise for me was the enjoyment and excitement I got out of the encouragement and education around entrepreneurship that is part of the program. I had never dreamed of starting or running my own business before entering the program and wouldn't have had a clue how to get started if I had. Gaining that knowledge was a very nice, albeit unexpected, surprise in addition to all the other valuable skills I was able to grow to benefit me in a traditional workplace.

In addition to increasing my marketability, what I learned in the IEM program has also given me the ability to evaluate and discuss projects and other work activities, not just from a technical perspective, but also from a return on investment and value added point of view. It has also given me a better understanding of how to recognize opportunities to improve leadership, business and software processes, as well as the knowledge and skills to execute on those opportunities.

Now that I have completed the program I am very grateful for the opportunity and can honestly say I grew tremendously from the experience. The program is comprised of truly exceptional staff who possess a wealth of knowledge in the business and IT leadership sphere. I regularly recommend this program to anyone I come across looking for professional growth."

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