December 2009 - Alumni Spotlight - Hasana Lawhorn

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the December 2009 IEM Newsletter.

December’s featured IEM alumna is Hasana Lawhorn, Engineer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.                                                         

Hasana received an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) in 2003. From there she completed a BS in Information Systems Technology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Finally, Hasana entered the IEM program in the fall of 2007 and graduated in 2009.

Recently Hasana shared some of her thoughts regarding the IEM experience. Here they are in her words:

Q: What was the greatest value that you received from the program?
A: "I received a myriad of knowledge in various subjects from Project Management to Networking that has made me more marketable as well as more proficient at my job."

Q: What was your favorite class and why?
A: "It's difficult to choose but my favorite class was Information Engineering Technologies. It was a good balance between textbook knowledge and insight into current industry practices from experts."

Q: What did you get from the program that you did not expect?
A: "I did not expect to obtain a promotion. I also didn't expect to begin building the network of professionals that has been established. It wasn't easy, but being in the program has overall been a good experience."

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