August 2009 - Alumni Spotlight - Chris Lumpkin

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the August 2009 IEM Newsletter.               

August's featured IEM alumni is Chris Lumpkin, Chris is an ASP Administrator III with Automatic Data Processing (ADP). Overall Chris has ten years experience in system administration and seven years of Systems Design and Architecture. In addition to his day job, Chris is also teaching Implementing Active Directory in Windows 2003 Environment at ITT Tech.

Chris came into IT from an untraditional path when after receiving a Bachelor of Social Sciences from Montevallo University. In 2007 he entered the IEM program and hasn’t looked back since. One of the biggest surprises for Chris was that the IEM program was very introspective. He learned about goal setting and controlling his destiny and now feels he is capable of achieving more than he ever thought possible.

Chris’ favorite class in the IEM program was Business Process Modeling, because he felt that it really summed up the whole program. During the class, he was able to utilize many of the skills gained in the program in order to look for ways to make business processes more efficient. A close second was the Software Engineering course where he was able to see how a software project comes together from behind the curtain.

Chris took a different tact when choosing a topic for his IEM senior project, he decided to pull several goals together and achieve them all at once. He ended up writing a book entitled E. mortal. Chris got the inspiration for this project from many sources; after reading The Goal, he realized that you can teach technical concepts by telling a story, in addition he had committed to a writing group to product a chapter, and finally with the guidance of Don Appleby, his technical advisor. If you are interested in learning more about Chris’ book visit his website at

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