August 2008 - Alumni Spotlight - Sandy Brasher

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the August 2008 IEM Newsletter.

August’s featured IEM alumna is Sandy Brasher. By day, Sandy Brasher is an application software developer with AT&T. However, at the close of her business day, she steps into the roles of mother, daughter, sister and aunt in her close-knit family. On top of all of these many demands on her time and energy, she is a hard-working entrepreneur as well.

For the reader that has not had the pleasure of meeting her, Sandy graduated from the IEM program in 2005. The MSEE was her second degree from UAB with the first degree being a BS in Management Information Systems.

As preparation for this article, several of Sandy's colleagues were tested on their first thoughts about working with Sandy. Phrases such as hard working, smart, talented were intermingled with adjectives such as helpful, positive attitude, and generous.

Ron Baldwin, Sandy's business partner in Facilitaire, Inc. said, "Sandy likes to present herself as being easy-going and soft-spoken – and in many ways that’s the case. What she doesn't show is how strong a person that she is. Even after working with her for several years, she still amazes me with the way that she can lead others without them realizing that she is doing so."

On the benefits of IEM Sandy remains convinced that going through the program was time well spent. In the August 2007 edition of the UAB Graduate Student Newsletter, Sandy shared, "Our time at UAB broadened our professional network. It opened the doors to contacts that we would never have met if we hadn't gone through the IEM pro¬gram. Those relationships are continuing to help us today."

When asked about her time in IEM for this article, her response had not changed from this earlier story. Its validity was demonstrated last month in a local technology conference when the CEO of the sponsoring firm interrupted his opening remarks to say, "Hello Sandy!" She was the only individual that he felt compelled to acknowledge of the fifty or so professionals in the workshop.

Sandy's resume includes over 10 years of experience in software development, database administration and software configuration management. As if these professional challenges were not enough, Sandy operated a successful package delivery business in the Birmingham area several years ago while working full time.

This prior entrepreneurial experience allows Facilitaire to leverage Sandy's first-hand knowledge of the challenges that a startup business faces. Of her contribution to Facilitaire, Ron Baldwin reported, "I can’t imagine having a better business partner. I'll admit that early in our venture, I underestimated Sandy’s skills. But, it didn't take long for me to realize the strong leadership skills that she possesses."