October 2007 - Alumni Spotlight - Gil Ramos

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the October 2007 IEM Newsletter.

The featured IEM alumnus for August is Gil Ramos. Gil is employed with AT&T as a staff manager in the Gulf States Construction and Engineering organization. In his role as staff manager, he focuses on compliance reporting for Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. This is a new role, which he began on July 1, 2007.

When he is not working his daytime job Gil works on his website, meets with a small group of entrepreneurs within AT&T, and works on two business plans. Gil hopes of one day launching an idea as either his own online business or a jointly owned business with his small AT&T group.

In his spare time, Gil enjoys playing chess, classical guitar, and going for a run at Jemison Park with his wife, Ruth.

Besides his work on designing business plans, graduate studies have given him the sober realization that educated individuals are responsible for assuming leadership roles within their communities. For Gil that means being involved in church with strategic goals and sharing with others what he has learned. More particularly, he is involved in a ministry that coaches people financially with cash flow problems.

Thinking back to his time in IEM, he was challenged with the question of investing himself into goals that he will cherish during his twilight years. One year later some of those goals are beginning to materialize.

Feel free to contact Gil via e-mail at gmramos@bellsouth.net