Alumni Spotlight : Frank Flow

By Helen Todd

Jar__BeeWe’ve heard that some IEM graduates are doing some “sweet” things, and 2010 graduate Frank Flow is no exception. Here is an update on what he’s been up to over the past couple of years.

IEM: Are you still in the same job you were in when you went through the IEM program?

Frank: Negative. I’m not in the position I was when I went through the program I’m now an account executive with Dwight W. Prouty Company. In a way I believe IEM has continued to shape my career path to an extent. The smallest way is that I have a Master’s degree. I believe it has opened some doors, and maybe in a way closed others. Regardless, the IEM program has continued to shape my career and especially the way I view myself.

IEM: We understand that you are selling Flow Honey as kind of hobby?

Frank: Yes, I got bees, equipment and now I get stung a lot. It’s kind of a hobby that pays for itself. It is a lot of work! However, everyone loves local honey, so I sell it, make a little money and get stung some more. It is nothing I want to quit my day job over, but it’s been interesting and a learning curve. There are couple of other little side projects I’m working on, but nothing that will take the place of current job.

IEM: Do you have any words of wisdom for those about to graduate from the IEM program?

Frank: Hah, no, no wisdom or guidance from this guy. But, I do wish the current class good luck and a hearty congratulations!