Create a Blazer ID

BlazerID and UAB E-mail


Once you have been admitted and your paperwork has been processed by the Graduate School, you will need to create a BlazerID. This will be critical to operating at UAB. This is an identifier that will stick with you the entire time you are at UAB (and after you leave) so you might not want to select “hotmama” as your BlazerID.  We suggest you use something that will identify you (like callahan or dalec).

When requesting your BlazerID, you can use your student number (starts with B0xxxxxx) to request the BlazerID or your social security number.  Request the BlazerID here:

You will also note that at the bottom of the BlazerID request form, the question is asked “Would you like a UAB e-mail account?”  If you plan to log in and check your UAB e-mail account regularly, then select yes.  If you don’t want another e-mail account to check, then list the e-mail address you want your UAB e-mail forwarded to in the box to the left of the question.  It is very important that you make sure your UAB e-mail is checked regularly or forwarded to another provider since ALL communication coming from UAB uses the UAB E-mail address.  You can go back and update this later if you change your mind.