The goal of a successful search is to recruit the most qualified and diverse applicant pool available in order to select the best candidate to become a member of the UAB community. This guide has been created as a resource to assist departments when it is determined that the services of a search firm will be needed.

How does a department determine if a search firm is required? 

  • Hiring a search firm may be beneficial if the search for qualified candidates is going to be difficult due to the unique job requirements, experience or credentials.
  • Hiring a search firm may be beneficial if the level of seniority or uniqueness of the position requires a nationwide search.



Organizing the Search Checklist
Checklist for forming a search committee and the process and requirements needed

Interviewing Candidate Checklist
Checklist to assist in the candidate interviewing process, making the offer and documentation

EEO Data Form
Survey checklist outlining the EEO profile data search firms must collect, maintain, and provide to UAB



The Role of a Search Firm
The wide range of recruiting activities and functions of a search firm.

How to Choose a Search Firm
Building the short-list of potential search firms and next steps once one is chosen.

Responsibilities, interview example questions and UAB hiring resources you may find helpful.

View & Print
Download the full Search Firm Guidelines and/or one page summary.


This guide is meant as a resource for those hiring a senior staff member and considering the assistance of a search firm. For information on using a search firm to hire a faculty member, please contact the Office of the Provost.