Here are some of the most common Human Resources tools requested by employees and managers.

Manage and track benefit time accruals and usage for monthly paid employees.
*Login with blazerID and strong password

Faculty & Staff Learning System
Access employee training opportunities, register for classes and training history.
*Login with blazerID and strong password

Oracle Self Service
Allows employees to view and update personal information, i.e, home address, direct deposit info, payslip, etc...
To access the system, click Oracle HR and Finance. Login with blazerID and strong password required.

Taleo Recruiting
Access the Taleo Recruitment Manager. Login with blazerID and strong password required.

Job Description Builder
View all UAB Job Descriptions,
*Login Email:,  *Password (case sensitive): Blazers1

Performance Management Tool, Login with blazerid and strong password.  Quick Reference Guide

Employee Exit Survey
Short survey used to gather information from separating personnel.  *No log-in required. 

ONE Card Request Form
This form should be used to request a new or replacement ID/Access Badge for an employee.

ONE Card Review Application
Review and propose edits to your ONE Card (ID/Access Badge) prior to having it printed.