Provide consistent, accessible, personalized and collaborative environments to enhance the student experience. 


    1. Monitor network usage and proactively forecast and deploy wireless access points as needed.
    2. Enhance the self-service method for restoring service for quarantined computers.
    3. Support software initiatives to ensure student success.
    4. Create a student multimedia center.
    5. Explore options for expanding technological solutions available to students.

    1. Attend student orientation sessions, provide informational websites, and host a cybersecurity awareness month.
    2. Support enhancements to UAB's Emergency Management Notification system.
    3. Solicit feedback from students regarding UAB IT services.
    4. Improve communications of appropriate use of the UAB network and enhance the self-service method of restoring service.
    5. Increase awareness and utilization of UAB IT services including the software licensing program.

Resources for Students: