In-reach 1917 Clinic Volunteers serve in a specific area within the clinic (waiting room, research clinic, dental clinic, etc) to assist staff with a variety of projects and tasks (greeting patients, mailings, filing, phone calls & organizational projects.) Clinic Volunteers typically offer 4 hours of time once per week between 8am – 5pm on a set day of the week.

Please apply as a general 1917 Clinic Volunteer and indicate on your application where you would like to serve.  Your openness to serve in as many areas as possible will make you more elgible; however do not mark options that do not appeal to you.

In-reach Volunteer options change as volunteers rotate or new projects are identified in the clinic.

Some options include:

  • Clinic Host - welcomes patients in the waiting room, helps new patients with computerized questions, visits with patients and families.
  • Dental Clinic - help the front desk with phone calls, filing, billing statements, etc.
  • Patient Reminder - call patients to remind them of speciality appointments, to acknowledge their birthday on behalf of 1917 Clinic, etc.