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The Workplace (located at UAB Hospital-Highlands) is your provider of comprehensive on-the-job injury management and rehabilitation. Since 1990 The Workplace has been a valued resource for Alabama employers. Today, The Workplace is better equipped than ever to reduce employer liability and increase employee productivity. Our physicians are Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and Physiatry.

We specialize in treatments for work related injuries, and we accept a broad spectrum of healthcare plans.

Physical Medicine & Rehab Services
Physical Therapy - 205-930-7012
Occupational Therapy - 205-930-7012
EMG/Nerve Conduction - 205-930-7149
Physiatry Evaluations - - 205-930-7149

Occupational Medicine Services
Impairment Ratings / FCE's - 205-933-5300
Physicals - 205-933-5300
Walk-in injuries - 205-933-5300
Drug Screens  - 205-933-5300


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