December 03, 2013

How to detect lies – now in Russian

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lies cover“Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!: The Psychology of Deceit,” a book by University of Alabama at Birmingham psychiatrist Charles Ford, M.D., has now been published in Russian, the fourth foreign-language edition of the book since its first printing in 1995. The book has also been published in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

“Most scientific works are not translated into western European languages such as French or German, as English is so commonly spoken and read in those cultures,” said Ford, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry

Ford’s book discusses such topics as why people lie, how individuals learn the art of lying and how one can detect when one is being lied to. He presents studies of various kinds of liars, including pathological liars, con artists and people who deliberately injure themselves in order to fake illness.

His scientific interest in deception began as a result of his contact with psychiatric and medical patients diagnosed as compulsive liars. Through his work he learned what little scientific information there was on the subject.

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