UAB enrolls nation’s first patient in Phase III drug trial for preeclampsia If successful, this would be a significant clinical breakthrough for pregnant women and reduce pre-term births and infant mortality.

UAB is expected to be a leader in the trial, which will enroll 120 women at centers around the country during the next 18 months.

UAB listed among nation’s 100 best hospitals for cancer care

Fewer traffic fatalities in states that ban texting while driving, study finds


Andrew West

A fresh approach to finding new drugs Most promising lab discoveries never make it to patients. One major reason is the so-called valley of death that lies between basic science research and the applied work pursued by drug companies. But a partnership between UAB and Southern Research Institute is bridging that gap. The Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance provides funding, support and advice to investigators such as Andrew West, Ph.D., who is pursuing a new way to treat Parkinson's disease. After years of work, backed by strong philanthropic support, "we're most of the way through the valley of death now," West says.