Google Trekker

Google Maps to create a campus view for UAB A man wearing an odd-looking backpack will be walking around campus Wednesday to capture panoramic street-level views for Google Maps. Google is working with the Office of Public Relations and Marketing to create a campus view for UAB similar to the ones it hosts for Stanford, Cornell, Darmouth and other notable universities throughout the world.

UAB hydrogen-fuel-cell bus unveiled, joins MAX fleet The Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority now will have a UAB-developed, zero-emissions bus in its downtown MAX fleet, and the city is home to the only hydrogen-fuel-cell bus and fueling station in the Southeast.


Crawford Downs

You've got to see this More than 120,000 Americans are blind because of glaucoma, a stealthy disease that can progress for years without apparent symptoms. The causes of glaucoma are still poorly understood, but an ingenious device in UAB's Department of Ophthalmology is taking the search for answers in a new direction.

Researcher Crawford Downs, Ph.D., has merged an astronomy camera, ultra-thin slicer, lasers and more to get the first 3D images of the part of the eye thought to be at the heart of glaucoma. All it takes is a few thousand pictures — and a few text messages. Find out more about the machine, and UAB's research and clinical advances in glaucoma, in this story and video.