• Boom Towns

    Sprawling cities seek answers for smart growth
    By Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood • Videos by Jeff Myers and Carson Young

  • A Path Toward Peace

    Clues to reducing conflict at home and around the world
    By Rosalind Fournier • Illustration by Ron Gamble • Photos by Steve Wood

  • A Cut Above

    Molecular scissors could point the way to genetic cures
    By Erin Burns, Amber Guidry, Nicholas Potochick, and Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood

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Explore more of what sets UAB apart
  • Collaboration between UAB and area companies opened the door for me to work at a Fortune 500 company during much of my undergraduate experience.
    Alan Franks, 2006 civil engineering graduate
  • I wouldn’t have had this research opportunity and mentorship anywhere else. Between research and teaching, I have grown professionally at UAB. I feel really prepared
    to go to medical school.
    Kelly Walters, UAB senior and National Merit Scholar
  • There are so many patients in our state who have little to no access to subspecialty care like nephrology and have limited access to home dialysis care, and that’s the reason we are doing this. As soon as telehealth carts are deployed, UAB physicians could get to any county in the state.
    Eric Wallace, M.D., nephrologist and director of an innovative telehealth program at UAB
  • When I came here I decided to do everything, and that really enriched me and made me who I am today.
     — Alumna Ashley Jones (BA, English)
  • UAB makes thinkers. They teach you to… figure out what it is that you want and how to get there.
    Frederick Stephens, junior chemistry major, ACS scholar
  • I knew I was going to be somewhere for eight years, so I wanted to be happy. The proven leadership is outstanding at UAB and it felt like a family that I wanted to be part of.
    Brian Warmus, UAB Medical Scientist Training Program
  • Undergraduates have the opportunity to get in the labs and get hands-on experience in research.
    Ophelia Johnson, 2015 biomedical engineering graduate,
    current master's student and 2016 Marshall Scholar
  • UAB has challenged me and has been like a home to me.
    Joshua Pritchett, 2015 computer and information sciences graduate