New cleanroom expands diamond-based research Among the first projects, the UAB's Center for Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration will be using the first electrical micro-circuit fabricated on diamond using maskless lithography.
Vohra said the new sensors will be used in high-pressure diamond anvil cell devices, and they also are exploring applications in other extreme environments, such as deep-well drilling and monitoring in high temperatures.


US News ranks UAB among its “up-and-coming” schools 


BEAT Cancer study

UAB recruiting breast cancer survivors for unique exercise study Both doctors and patients are increasingly aware that physical activity can improve quality of life for breast cancer survivors — and may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. But many women find it difficult to start and maintain an exercise program.

Researchers at UAB are discovering solutions with the ongoing BEAT Cancer study, which is identifying the most effective ways to help. So far, participants have reported that the study’s mix of education and accountability have been a valued jump-start. Now, researchers are re-opening enrollment to additional volunteers.