July 12, 2017

UAB Antarctic explorer and polar biologist discusses one of history’s largest iceberg breaks

Written by: Katherine Shonesy
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Video by: UAB Visual Content

mcclintock video streamUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham polar biologist and Antarctic explorer, Jim McClintock, Ph.D., provided advance insight into the Larsen C ice shelf break that occurred sometime between Monday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 12.

This is an ice shelfClick to enlargeThis ice shelf break, which encompasses a 5,800 square kilometer, one-trillion ton section of Larsen C in Antarctica, is one of the biggest iceberg breaks ever recorded in history. Its volume is more twice that of Lake Erie.

McClintock offers a unique perspective on this monumental event, as he speaks to the incredible effects that Antarctica’s extremely diverse ecosystem will experience, and ultimately how this break will impact global ecology.

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