• VSRC Computer Module
    VSRC Computer Module

    Director: Claudio Busettini
    Email: cbus@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-2601

    Website - http://www.uab.edu/vsrc/support-modules

    Alex Zotov

    Software Development

    development of specialized real-time software systems for laboratory control and data acquisition systems development of customized hardware/software interfaces

    IT Support
    computer assistance, software and hardware maintenance and repair assistance in computer purchasing

    Web and network administration
    website authoring, hosting and development of web site development and maintenance of online scheduling services for shared instrumentation network administration for the Worrell building

    Scientific poster printing

    If you have any questions please contact us at:  azotov@uab.edu

    Center Affiliation
    Vision Science Research Center

    Grant Affiliation
    NIH/NEI P30 EY03039

    Serves - UAB Internal Only