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    Neuroimaging Core ‐ Alabama Neuroscience Blueprint Core Center

    Director: Kent Keyser, PhD; Lucas Pozzo-Miller, PhD; Kurt Zinn, PhD

    Co-Directors: Lucas Pozzo-Miller, PhD and Kurt Zinn, PhD
    Technical Director: Tong Ye, PhD
    Email:  tongye@uab.edu
    Phone:  934-5626

    Service: In vivo and in vitro imaging neuronal structure and function in experimental animals


    • A multiphoton laser scanning fluorescence microscope (Prairie Technologies Ultima IV) for in vivo brain imaging through thinned skull or craniotomy, as well as for in vitro imaging of tissue slices (e.g. acute/cultured brain slices). Equipped with two ultrafast laser systems and  two independent scanners in the microscope, this system can also do imaging experiments involving photo-activation and photo-uncaging.
    • An optical fiber based laser scanning confocal system (Leica FCM 1000) for cellular imaging at depths not reachable by multiphoton through the skull or cranial window. With its optical-fibered microprobes the Leica FCM1000 is designed to access virtually anywhere in the living animal, for example, imaging the deep brain and the peripheral nervous system. Imaging resolution: 3.3 micron. Excitation wavelength: 488 nm.
    • Image processing and analysis with Imaris (Bitplane) and Neurolucida (MicroBrightField, Inc.) Two workstations loaded with Imaris full version (v 6.15) and Neurolucida (v 9)are installed for off-line neuron tracing, image analysis and processing.