• IDDRC Core B-Recombinant Technologies
    IDDRC Core B-Recombinant Technologies

    Director: Mike Brenner, PhD and Anne Theibert, PhD
    Email: michaelb@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-934-1011

    Website -http://www.mrrc.uab.edu/coreb.htm#objectives

    Scott Phillips, PhD

    The objective of the Recombinant Technologies Core is to provide technical and material support for molecular and cellular research by IDDRC investigators at UAB. The Core combines support for cutting edge procedures with outreach to the molecularly naive to encourage and enable application of recombinant techniques to their research projects. It provides state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated technical expertise, comprehensive hands-on training, and reagents in such areas as PCR, neuronal culture, cell transfection, sequence database searching and analysis, and recombinant DNA techniques. Through these services, the Core facilitates studies at the molecular level of brain development and function and disease processes. The core also promotes collaborative projects among IDDRC investigators, and enables investigators to combine newly acquired cellular and molecular tools with other approaches, such as electrophysiology and behavior. 

    The core also offers new cutting edge research techniques and guidance for epigenetic analysis including high-resolution melt real-time PCR and pyrosequencing of methylated DNA.  Finally, the core can help design and generate recombinant Adeno-Associated (rAAV) constructs for your gene or interest.

    Tissue Culture Facility; Nikon Eclipse Stereoscopic Microscope; Amaxa Nucleofector; Beckman Coulter Avanti J-25; Beckman Coulter Optima L-100K Ultra-centrifuge; Beckman Coulter DU 800 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer; Beckman Coulter LS 6500 multi-purpose scintillation counter; Bio-Rad Molecular Imager Gel Doc; Bio-Rad Gene Pulser II; Bio-Rad Gel dryer; Li-Cor Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System; Bio-Rad Helios Gene Gun; Applied Biosystems™ 48-well real-time PCR instrument

    Grant Affiliation
    NICHD P30-HD38395
    Serves - UAB Internal Only