• Tissue Collection and Banking Facility
    Tissue Collection and Banking Facility

    Director: William E. Grizzle, M.D., Ph.D.
    Email: sexton@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-934-4214

    Terri Staples

    Director: William E. Grizzle, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Pathology (x4-4214; wgrizzle@uab.edu)

    Assistant Director/Manager:  Katherine C. Sexton, MBA (x 4-6071; sexton@uab.edu)

    Laboratory Supervisor: Paul Billings (x4-6055; pbilling@uab.edu)

    Investigator Request Coordinator:   Terri Staples, HT (ASCP)HTL, MHI (x4-6071; tstaples@uab.edu)

    Specimen Storage and Distribution Coordinator:   Patty Williams, HT (ASCP) (x4-6071; pw22@uab.edu)

    The UAB Tissue Collection and Banking Facility (TCBF) provides services to the UAB community for the collection, processing, and distribution of human tissue specimens for research related activities.  Following are some of the services provided by the facility:

    Tissue Procurement

    As a Core Facility of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, the facility prospectively collects remnant tissue samples from routine surgical resections and autopsies for UAB researchers.   Samples can be provided fresh (in media, saline, room temperature), frozen (snap-frozen or OCT), or fixed (in fixative of choice).


    As the Southern Division of the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN), UAB is part of a national network of institutions networked together to provide prospectively collected tissue samples to researchers throughout the United States and Canada.  If UAB researchers have a need for tissue samples beyond what can be provided locally, they can be activated with the CHTN to access additional tissue samples. www.chtn.nci.nih.gov


    The TCBF includes a research histology laboratory that can provide routine histology services for human as well as animal tissues.  Services include preparation of paraffin-embedded blocks, paraffin-embedded slides, frozen sections, routinely stained slides, or slides with special stains.


    The TCBF can serve as a repository for special project tissue banking.  The TCBF can serve as the repository for your collection, and/or our trained personnel can assist with the collection, processing, and distribution of samples for your project.  Repositories are tailored to meet investigator and protocol needs.

    Protocol Support

    The TCBF provides support for UAB research protocols utilizing tissue handling activities.  Support can include procurement of tissue, transport, handling, processing, storage, shipping/distribution, and some clinical data management.

    Collaborative Activities

    Collaborative activities are also available through the research laboratory of Dr. William Grizzle.  These include immunohistochemistry, construction of tissue arrays, multiplex immunoassays, and pathologic diagnostic information studies beyond that provided in a typical pathology report.


    For additional information on Tissue Procurement, Histology, or Banking, please contact Terri Staples at x4-6071 or tstaples@uab.edu.  For Protocol Support, please contact Kathy Sexton at x4-6071 or sexton@uab.edu  For Collaborative Activities, please contact Dr. William Grizzle (x4-4214; wgrizzle@uab.edu).

    Provision or remnant human tissues and fluids for research; we also provide histology services (FFPE blocks and slides) for research.

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    Comprehensive Cancer Center

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    2 P30 CA013148-40
    5 U01 CA44968-23

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