• Vision Science Research Center
    Vision Science Research Center

    Director: Steven Pittler
    Email: pittler@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-6744

    Administrator: Mary Louise Gibson
    Email: mlgibson@uab.edu
    Phone:  934-6707
    Fax: 934-3425

    Website:  http://www.uab.edu/vsrc

    • The Vision Science Research Center (VSRC) was established in 1979 to draw together vision scientists from the entire university campus to foster interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations
    • The center facilitates scientific collaboration by providing research support modules for its members so that their research may proceed more efficiently
    • These support modules include a sophisticated Ocular Phenotyping and Molecular Analysis Module, a state-of-the-art electronics module, an extensive computer laboratory, a fully-equipped machine shop, and an administrative module
    • In addition, the VSRC provides community outreach for all aspects of vision through its shared ocular tissue and education outreach modules
    • Priority is given to VSRC members