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  • NIH Notices - July 13, 2017

    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 07/13/17
  • UAB Research News Digest Updated!

    Posted by Office of the Vice President for Research | 06/29/17
  • IRAP My Human Subjects Module (IRB Submissions)

    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 06/26/17
  • NHGRI T32 Fellowship for Post-doctoral Training in Genomic Medicine

    This is a two-year postdoctoral research training program funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute.  The program provides research training under the mentorship of faculty either at UAB or at HudsonAlpha, as well as experience in analysis and interpretation of genomic data, such as whole genome sequencing.  This is also a program that includes seminars on genomics and bioethics as well as experiences in genomic laboratories and clinics.

    UAB-HudsonAlpha Center for Genomic Medicine
    Funding Amount(s):
    Sunday, July 30, 2017
    Sponsor(s): UAB-HudsonAlpha Center for Genomic Medicine
  • UAB SOM Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center (CCVC) and the Inflammation, Infection and Immunity (I3) 2017 Joint Pilot Grant

    In response to strategic investments by the UAB SOM in I3 relevant research, the UAB Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center is pleased to announce a joint RFA with the I3 steering committee to fund one or more pilot projects that focus on Inflammation, Infection or Immunity (broadly written) in the context of cardiovascular disease research. The I3 matching funds can be used to generate key preliminary data and/or to continue advancing projects that are undergoing extramural peer review. 


    Projects, particularly multi-PI projects that have advanced beyond the first stages of planning are especially welcome. Projects that are responsive to an upcoming/issued RFA or will enhance likelihood of continued extramural P30/P50/P60 support for one or more UAB centers will be deemed highly responsive.

    UAB SOM Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center; Inflammation, Infection and Immunity Steering Committees
    Funding Amount(s):
    Monday, July 31, 2017
    Sponsor(s): UAB SOM Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center; Inflammation, Infection and Immunity Steering Committees
  • REACT Voucher Funding - Now Available

    Medical Rehab Researchers: Let Us Help You

    Have a research concept that needs a boost to take your science to the next level? The REACT Center, whose mission is to catalyze high-impact clinical trials that will define optimal rehabilitation strategies, now offers a voucher program making available funding relating to medical rehabilitation research.

    UAB School of Medicine
    Funding Amount(s):
    Up to $15,000
    Saturday, July 24, 2021
    Sponsor(s): UAB School of Medicine