Please join us on Thursday, September 10, at 12:00 noon in the Edge of Chaos Atrium on the 4th floor of Lister Hill Library for the first lecture in the 2015-16 Reynolds-Finley Historical Lecture Series*. John S. Haller Jr., PhD, Emeritus Professor, Southern Illinois University, will present, “The Placebo Effect: What Is It and How Does It Affect Conventional and Unconventional Therapies.” There will be a book signing of Dr. Haller's Shadow Medicine: the Placebo in Conventional and Alternative Therapies following the lecture. For more information and to see the entire 2015-16 schedule, visit our lecture page.

Lecture Podcasts:
Previous Reynolds-Finley Historical Lectures are available online. Click here to view these videos.

*Note: As of November 14, 2014, the Reynolds Historical Lecture Series has been renamed the Reynolds-Finley Historical Lecture Series. See our homepage for details.