The Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is an enabling platform for interdisciplinary collaboration to understand and transform the impact of urbanization at the scientific, economic, and human levels.


  • Develop specialized workforce to understand and transform cities and communities.
  • Train researchers and leaders in the community, to advance the Science of Cities and sustainability in the urban setting.


  • Contribute to the development of the new Science of Cities by promoting interdisciplinary research.
  • Understand the dynamics and impact of the built environment and technologies in the efficiency of cities and the quality of life of communities.
  • Maximize the potential of cities as engines of economic prosperity, intellectual development and human wellbeing


  • Educate the urban community on sustainable smart cities.
  • Engage citizens in transforming their built environment - places where they live, study, work and play - by actively participating in the center’s research and education programs.
  • Empower individuals with knowledge to transform the livability of their environment and improve the health of their communities.



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UAB Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center (SSCRC)

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