Major(s): Biomedical Sciences
Minor: Psychology, Chemistry
Graduating: December 2018
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I have been involved in undergraduate research since my freshman year. Having worked in a couple labs, I can say from experience that the University of Alabama at Birmingham provides outstanding cutting-edge research in the world of medicine and healthcare.

Primarily I have been involved in benchwork. Previously, I worked at the lab of Dr. Yi-Ping Li in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Pathology in September 2014. I created orders of supplies and equipment for the lab, autoclaved test tubes and beakers, cleaned and maintained the lab areas as well as dissecting mice for research.

Last year, I volunteered in the lab of Dr. Brian Sims in the Department of Neurobiology. I assisted the postdoctoral research fellow in lab experiments creating microgels and testing the RNA protein in cells of animals once a week.

I am currently searching for a lab in clinical research in psychiatry or ophthalmology. My career aspiration is to become a psychiatrist or an opthamologist. I believe that mental health plays a very crucial role in medicine and may affect people's lives. Through conducting research, treatments and drugs may be advanced in treating disorders and diseases.

Fun fact: I am a Mr. Robot fanatic. I have been to both Disney World and Disneyland. I really like Samurai Champloo and The Boondocks. I also really enjoy cooking, shopping, and hiking! Veggies for life!

Advice: I used to think that research wasn’t for me, but then I went to the Undergraduate Research Workshops and I realized that there is many different types of research such as clinical research. I would say give each type of research a try and always shadow before committing to a lab. Also remember that college only happens once, enjoy yourself, do not box yourself in. Keep up with your passions you have. Balance your work life, social life, and academic life. Persistence and diligence is key! You can do this!