Major(s): Molecular Biology
Minor(s): Chemistry
Graduating: Spring 2019
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact me if you are interested in clinical or laboratory research in UAB’s School of Medicine, especially in the diabetes field. I can advise in topics ranging from proper email etiquette to deciding between which lab is your best fit.  I will do my best to find a lab that allows you to explore your interests and hopefully become your passion.

I currently work in the lab of Dr. Sushant Bhatnagar at UAB’s Comprehensive Diabetes Center. Being in the Department of Endocrinology, our work focuses on identifying novel proteins that impact Type two diabetes (T2D). The individual project that I am working on is a protein, synaptotagmin-11, that may inhibit insulin secretion due to its role in insulin maturation and dense core formation of insulin granules within vesicles of pancreatic beta cells. Through laboratory research, more effective drugs may be developed with the identification of new diabetic pathways.

Fun facts: I was first place for my division at the Georgia Games Boxing Championships in 2014. I prefer skating over walking, and I embrace UAB’s multicultural diversity. The only club I go to is Club Sterne.

Advice: Once you find a lab that you really enjoy, it’s important to allocate your time properly. Knowing how to prioritize and balance your commitments is good for any researcher. Simply put, time management is a crucial skill in college that will constantly require improvement.