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BWell app sleep pageThe UABwell mental health app, imagined by students and developed by employees, now has separate profiles for students and employees, with calendars and resources geared toward those audiences, as well as an expanded Finding Calm section that offers videos on breathing techniques, relaxation and mindfulness exercises, yoga, and more. New notifications also send you inspirational messages throughout the day.

UABwell allows students and employees to build a customizable, personalized self-care plan, along with a habit tracker, so they can track their progress. UABwell also features an integrated calendar that locates all the campus mental health events, organizations, and departments all in one place. Build your plan today to help reach your mental health and wellness goals!

Students and Employees

Envisioned by students, built by employees, available for all

The UABwell app collects UAB services, information, and resources about mental health in one central location that’s easily and quickly accessible on mobile devices.

While UABwell’s features were developed directly from student input, the app now has separate profiles for students and employees with information geared just for them, including calendar items and services.

The UABwell app can be used to:

  • Create a personalized self-care plan that builds good habits in sleep, movement, nutrition, routine and resiliency.
  • Create a private habit checklist and wellness journal to help you meet your goals and track your journey to better self-care and mental health.
  • Use self-help tools that put mental health services, mindfulness resources, and campus mental health and recreation events at your fingertips.

The latest UABwell app update:

  • Adds notification messages to help you power through your day.
  • Expands the Finding Calm section with an extensive library of self-help videos.
  • Offers a retooled homepage experience to better serve students and employees.

Download today.

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Assets are available in this Toolkit to share across your platforms and raise awareness about the UABwell app.

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