The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies offers continuing education (CE) services to assist faculty with the development of opportunities for offering professional development, workforce training, certificate programs and grant-funded projects. The Professional Studies (PS) team is ready with the infrastructure, platforms, media and instructional design services, and processes needed to assist units and faculty with transforming ideas into CE programs and course offerings.

Today’s motivated adult learners will want to continue their learning journey as they move forward in their current or new career path. UAB Professional Studies and Continuing Education services group is ready with the infrastructure, platforms and processes needed to assist with developing the client’s ideas into CE programs and learning activities.

The Possibilities

  • Create private, invitation-only courses for specific audiences, such as research projects, data gathering or workforce training
  • Transform existing academic content into a CE program, workshop or training event
  • Create registration for publicly available courses, on-ground workshops, labs and conferences, including PS Canvas course shell and management of financial transactions
  • Administrative assistance and support for registration and enrollment processes provided

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