Mark Brunner

Mark Brunner is currently in IEM and an engineer in project manufacturing and validations. Mark shared how this graduate degree has been an eye opening experience and his hopes for his career during and following IEM.

What is your professional experience and academic background?

I have a unique blend of experience in quality assurance in multiple industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to automotive, plastics, and food and beverage. Much of my experience revolves around R&D projects, applying statistical analysis for product specifications, improvement projects and validations, and test methods for new and existing products. Academically, I have an Associates degree in Business Administration and a B.S. in Applied Science in Social Research, both from Troy University.

What brought you to IEM?

There are other IEM programs, but in Alabama, UAB's quality of education, staff commitment to excellence, national reputation & cost make it stand out from other programs. It also presents opportunities to advance my career, expand my employment opportunities, and increase my starting salary and salary negotiations. Also, my more emotional reason would be my daughter (who is an admitted math & science geek) seeing a Master’s in Engineering from UAB degree hanging on the wall with her father's name attached. That would be a tremendous pride-filled moment in my life.

What do you expect to happen in your career as a result of IEM?

I expect my IEM experience to help me develop a “higher-level” analytical approach in assessing and analyzing a situation, designing and even re-engineering a project. Not to mention the communication, testing, maintenance and implementation aspect of any type of improvements found. These characteristics can only help me grow & advance.

What would you tell someone thinking about getting into IEM?

I would say, if there’s anyone out there who is compelled to commit his/her self to working hard, embracing their love of learning, all-the-while expanding their horizons…UAB is BOSS!