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Maryam E. Karimi

Maryam E. Karimi

Associate Director of Public Health and Environmental Sustainability
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Dr. Maryam Karimi, is an Assistant Professor at UAB School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences. She has a joint appointment with School of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. She has diverse set of experiences in environmental science, public health, and urban resiliency, which places her in a unique position for independent research projects aimed towards sustainable cities and human health focusing on developing strategies to counteract climate change at a local and national scale.

Her research interests include identifying environmental risk and social vulnerability associated with the impact of Urban Heat Island (UHI) and climate change caused by urban development and air pollution, understanding the structure of cities, urbanization and the role of urban morphology in changing urban microclimate and urban health, urban redesign and building sustainable cities at local and global level, and application of big data and sensing in developing models that predict environmental risk and social vulnerability associated with urban development (UHI), air pollution and population at risk. Her research work has been funded by NIH, NASA and NOAA.