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Blaze Leadership Academy aims to develop high-potential leaders who desire to grow and contribute more to UAB. This Leadership Academy develops foundational skills and new mindsets to lead and manage effectively in a complex, changing environment. The program includes developmental assessments, opportunities to develop relationships with colleagues across UAB, and content centered on UAB Shared Values and Leadership Expectations.


  • Identify strengths and opportunities to develop as a leader.
  • Build connections to expand your network across UAB.
  • Gain actionable insights to develop new mindsets and behaviors to adapt to a changing world.


Participants should be experienced senior managers, functional directors, or chairs who desire for a more demanding leadership positions within the next two to four years. All applicants must have been at UAB for a minimum of one year.

    • Nominations for the 2024-2025 class began June 3.
    • Candidates for the 2024-2025 class were nominated by their Senior Leader (i.e., VP or Dean). Senior Leaders submitted nominations on June 24.
    Nominees will receive a link to a survey application that must be completed within three weeks of receipt. Applicants will be reviewed by a selection committee using the following criteria:

    • Experience: Candidate manages a team or a major program and has been at UAB for at least one year.
    • Capability: Candidate performs exceptionally well in their current role.
    • Potential: Candidate is seen as someone who will continue to advance at UAB and has demonstrated a commitment to growth and development.
    • Diversity: Our goal is to put together a cohort of diverse participants.
    A nomination does not guarantee acceptance into the program.



  • Attendance
    • Sessions are on Fridays once a month from September-May 
    • Participants must be able to commit to all sessions
  • Time Commitment
    • In addition to scheduled sessions, participants will work participate in group projects and 16-25 hours across 9 months


You are the sponsor for your nominated participant. We expect leaders to:
  • Meet with participant before, during, and after the program.
  • Provide detailed comments in 360 Feedback Assessment and schedule a follow-up meeting.
  • Support their attendance to all sessions.
  • Attend the Capstone in May.


2024 Blaze Academy Graduates 700x520

Congratulations Blaze Leadership Academy Alumni 2023-24!



“This process involved growing each other in our team roles through coaching and reflection, gaining a better understanding of communication dynamics both among ourselves and across UAB, recognizing the importance of good stewardship of university resources, {and} realizing the potential for our project to mitigate conflicts and address inefficiencies.


"We’ve discussed throughout this impactful program that effective leadership is reflected in several ways – good communication, inclusion, authentically listening.” 


"At its core, it is a reflection of trust in your group, which invites trust in return.”