Questions about Log In

You might need to change your password. UAB has revised its Password / Passphrase Standard effective September 15, 2015. Most passwords now have to be at least 15 characters in length, and expire annually. Please visit BlazerID Central for assistance with your BlazerID and/or password.
No, having a BlazerID and password does not by itself grant you access to the LMS. If this is a new account, it may take a business day (or more) for your BlazerID to propagate into the system databases, and any requisite permissions to be put into place.
No, everyone who has an account in the LMS is considered a student.
Please use Internet Explorer (IE) version 8, 9, or 10 to access your courses. IE version 11 is currently not recommended. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 Update 45 is the recommended version for features that depend on it.
If you're having trouble accessing courses or course pages and links are not working properly, please click here to configure your browser. 

Questions about Courses/Classes

Yes, once you register for a class, you may have the option to drop the class if it is set up to allow students to drop. If so, a Drop This Class button will appear to the right of your scheduled class information at the top of the page.
Yes, locate and click on the desired course or curriculum name in your transcript. The Course/Curriculum Details page will appear for the selected learning. Under the Credits section of the Course/Curriculum Details page, click the View Certificate link. The certificate will appear in a new window and from there you can view, print, or email the certificate.
You can subscribe to e-mail alerts that will notify you about important events, such as a new learning being assigned, or approaching assignments due date. You can manage your subscription so that you will only receive the alerts that you want. You must have a valid e-mail address in the system to receive e-mail alerts.
Go to the UAB directory and type the Building Code into the search field.
If you believe there are courses missing from your transcript, please complete this form: Missing Courses in Transcript Form
Please contact our office for any new courses you would like to have in LMS. We would be happy to work with your department on creating and developing new courses.
Please call us at 205-996-4444 or email us at for assistance with your transcript request.

Questions about XIAS/Sponsored Access Form

Sponsored Access Account passwords will need to be reset every 90 days.
To reset a Sponsored Access (XIAS) password, go to here and click on the "Change XIAS password" link. If you don't remember your old password then select "I do not know my password and need to reset it".

If you continue to have problems, please call us 205-996-4444 or email us at If you email us, include a phone number where we can call you. This phone should be near your computer so that someone can assist you.