Live HealthSmart Alabama

Making Good Health Simple

Health frames every aspect of society, which make this an intricate challenge. A complex solution warrants a comprehensive solution. Live HealthSmart Alabama (LHSA) is a transformational movement to make good health simple for all Alabamians. Fueled by a network of more than 100 partners, trusted community relationships, proven revitalization strategies, and layered programming, LHSA strives to decrease the incidence of chronic disease and provide greater health equity across the state. 

The Real Cost of Chronic Disease

Why do it?

Due to the prevalence of chronic disease, Alabama has the highest per-capita lost economic productivity of any U.S. state at $60.2 Billion, according to the Milken Institute. Health is a complex equation, dealing not only with the provision of medical care, but with a broad series of factors impacting the lives of individuals and neighborhoods. According to the Jefferson Co. Department of Health, 23,000 lives in Alabama could be saved annually through better prevention and treatment of chronic disease. 

Our Framework

How do we do it?

Policies, systems, and environments frame Alabamians' daily lives and either support or limit healthy choices. An individual's health also depends on a multitude of factors—such as zip code, income, education, race, and family history. With these elements in mind, LHSA meets people where they are, evolves how communities interact with their environments, and removes barriers to good health at a systemic level. Through layered programming, the initiative focuses on three key opportunities for change. 

Our Keys

Opportunities for Change

LHSA aims to implement policy, systems, and environment changes to remove barriers at a fundamental level. These barriers can be found in four areas: good nutrition, physical activity, prevention and wellness, and education. Each of these keys has a unique goal that furthers the mission of LHSA. 

  • Good Nutrition - Increase the availability of nutritious food through increased access and insecurity screening. 
  • Physical Activity - Make physical activity more accessible through programs, access, coaching, and counseling.
  • Preventive Wellness - Enhance health care to facilitate prevention and wellness through screening, education, and counseling.
  • Education - Increase literacy by the 3rd grade through access and availability of programs, services, and counseling. 

Health Promoting University

Embedding Health in Culture

Health Promoting Universities and Colleges embed health into all aspects of campus culture and lead health promotion action and collaboration, locally and globally.  Collaboration with Live HealthSmart Alabama is an example of a local collaboration on UAB’s campus.  With a focus on positively impacting policies, systems, and environments to make good health simple, LHSA contributes to the wellbeing of people, places, and planets on our campus and in our community.  UAB has the opportunity to lead by example incorporating wellbeing into all that we do.