Live HealthSmart Alabama

What is it?

Live HealthSmart is a comprehensive plan to work with businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, and non-profits in order to make changes to policies, systems, and build environment impacting the health of Alabamians. Not only will Live HealthSmart offer meaningful guidelines for improving individual health, and support neighborhood improvements, a key goal of the initiative is to help organizations meet the criteria to earn the designation of a Live HealthSmart business, school, or restaurant.

Working with the Community

Why do it?

Health is a complex equation, dealing not only with the provision of medical care, but with a broad series of factors impacting the lives of individuals and neighborhoods. These factors include zip code, income, education, race/ethnicity, family history, and many other issues. We can’t improve the health of Alabama without meeting people where they are, building on a foundation of mutual trust, and discovering the changes that can take place on a local level to improve the health of all.

The UAB Minority Health & Health Disparities Research Center

What is it?

The MHRC is a University-Wide Interdisciplinary Research Center that conducts research and training, as well as creating programs to reduce health disparities experienced by vulnerable populations. With 17 years of experience engaging communities in this important work, the MHRC has the expertise, infrastructure, and relationships to develop and deploy the programs necessary to transform Alabama’s health.

UAB Grand Challenge

What is it?

A grand challenge is a significant problem that is large and multifaceted in scope – a problem which resists simple solutions. Part of UAB’s strategic plan, “Forging the Future,” the UAB Grand Challenge is intended to unite university activities across silos and throughout different schools, forge new partnerships, and reach the community. Live HealthSmart Alabama was the winning proposal among 77 submitted for the inaugural Grand Challenge grant.