Prevention & Wellness

Prevention and Wellness is one of the ways Live HealthSmart Alabama supports healthy choices. As one of our program’s four keys, we work to enhance health care by facilitating screenings, education, and counseling to our underserved communities.

Community Coaches

Live HealthSmart Alabama Community Coaches work alongside our team to improve the health of Alabama residents. Community Coaches are a bridge between us and the communities we serve. This important role works to improve our state’s overall health by helping people seek regular medical care, healthy eating habits, and physical activity.

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Mobile Wellness

The Live HealthSmart Alabama Mobile Wellness unit makes stops in each of our demonstration areas and other communities in the Birmingham area. Visitors seen by our staff learn critical health numbers such as height, weight, and BMI; blood pressure; cholesterol; blood sugar; and other health risks, in just 15 minutes.

Fact Sheet: Staying Hydrated

Fact Sheet: Staying Hydrated

Water is essential to life—helping prevent disease, promoting clear skin, and even bone health. Learn more about why water is important and helpful tips for increasing your water intake in this easy-to-understand flyer.