The Designation

Businesses, schools, houses of faith, and non-profit organizations that engage the well-being of their employees, are transforming the state into a place where everyone can enjoy a healthy future. Live HealthSmart Alabama recognizes these organizations as Live HealthSmart Alabama Designated Partners for their commitment to a healthier Alabama.

These are organizations that, among other things:

Encourage employees to take short physical activity breaks or “exercise snacks” during the day.

Ensure that clean, cool water is always available to employees at no cost.

Post signs on vending machines to spotlight healthy items or encourage employees to bring a healthy lunch 2x per week.

Host educational session regarding health, wellness, skills, and more.

Benefits of a Designation

Health and Wellness: Organizations working toward a designation will receive a tailored health and wellness assessment that addresses an organization’s needs, set priorities, evaluation of strategies, and an implementation timeline.

Assistance and Support: To facilitate the implementation of healthy initiatives, organizations will also receive assistance and support from medical providers, registered dieticians, exercise physiologists, landscape architects, graphic designers, and communication specialists.

Coalition Membership: As a designation, your organization is invited to join the Live HealthSmart Alabama coalition—a diverse group that reinforces the efforts of Live HealthSmart Alabama through improvements to healthy eating, physical activity, prevention & wellness, and education.

Recognition & Visibility: As opportunities arise, organizations with our Designation will receive public recognition and visibility through LHSA’s social media, press releases, television interviews, human interest stories, and acknowledgment in publications.

Participation: As a Designated Partner, you will be invited to join Live HealthSmart Alabama's quarterly virtual and/or in-person meetings and healthy-living workshops.

Access to the Designation Toolkit: As a Designated Partner, your organization has access to resources that help promote and spotlight this achievement. From social media graphics and letterhead to a press release and email signatures, we've got you covered. For the password, please contact your Live HealthSmart Alabama representative.

Change and Progress

Live HealthSmart Alabama bases its community improvements on a framework that includes three categories.


Includes legislative advocacy, fiscal measures, and regulatory oversight


Involves change made to how services are delivered within an organization


Changes made to the physical, social, and cultural environments

Current Designations

Allstate Insurance Company

B.L. Harbert International, LLC

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Dunn Construction Company

Fall Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Center

Goodwyn Mills Cawood

Vulcan Materials Company

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

YMCA of Greater Birmingham

Next Steps

If you’re interested in pursuing a Live HealthSmart Alabama Designation, this section is for you. Simply start at the top and work your way through each of the steps below.

Step 1: Working Toward The Designation

We’ve created downloadable resources to help you earn Designation. The initiatives covered in these PDFs can serve as a guide for your organization’s journey to better health.

Step 2: Take the Quiz

Take our quick quiz to find out if you’re ready to apply. Based on your responses, you will either be directed to additional resources or instructions on how to apply.

Step 3: Complete the Application

If you’ve taken the quiz and are ready to complete the application, let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Live HealthSmart Alabama Designation?

    A Live HealthSmart Alabama Designation is an honor given to organizations that commit to making good health simple for their employees and communities. These organizations promote and encourage their employees and community members to live healthier lives and foster an environment for healthy behaviors to become habits.

  • How do I become a Live HealthSmart Alabama Designated Partner?

    Start by reviewing our website and completing our quick quiz to find out if your organization is ready. If you feel your organization is ready now, you can proceed with completing the designation application.

  • What happens after I complete an application?

    You’ll receive a confirmation email that your application was received and someone from our team will contact you with the next steps. Your application will be reviewed and a meeting will be scheduled to learn more about your current employee wellness efforts. You’ll learn during this meeting if you are a successful applicant.

  • What if my organization was not selected to be a Designated Partner?

    If your organization is not ready to complete the full application or you were not selected as a designation, a team member will help you develop a plan to meet all requirements. After you implement your plan, you may resubmit your application and LHSA will review your revised application.

  • What resources will I have access to once I’m a designee?

    You’ll have access to health and wellness toolkits that you can download and utilize. You will have the opportunity to invite your employees to join educational lunch and learns from UAB partners and experts.

  • What happens after I am granted a Designation?

    You will be invited to attend a designation ceremony with other organizations that have received a Designation. This ceremony will honor those that are making strides toward a healthier Alabama. From there, you will receive access to our designee toolkit, invitations to lunch and learns, and invitations to attend coalition meetings. Your organization will be invited to take part in roundtable discussions with other designation leaders to continue a path to make good health simple in Alabama.

  • Can I order Live HealthSmart Alabama Designation promotional items?

    Once you’ve been selected as a Designation, you will receive a form you may use to order an initial supply of Live HealthSmart Alabama promotional items. For future orders, you will need to purchase the items. We will give you the Live HealthSmart Alabama Designated Partner logo so you can co-brand additional items.

  • Can a school earn a Designation?

    You can absolutely participate if you are a school. The health and wellness of our students is key in creating a healthier population in the long run. How to start the process to become a Live HealthSmart Alabama school:

    • Adopt healthy vending and school cafeteria options, including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed foods.
    • Increase opportunities for physical activity for students who don’t participate in team or competitive sports.
    • Encourage students to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day.
    • Develop a school health council to review and monitor prevention and wellness goals.
  • Can a restaurant earn a Designation?

    The places we go to enjoy food are at the heart of a healthy community. How to become a Live HealthSmart Alabama restaurant:

    • Include nutritional information on all printed and displayed menus. This should include information on calories, fat, carbohydrates, and sodium.
    • Indicate heart-healthy menu items with a star, check, or heart to make choosing healthy menu items easier for customers.
  • Can businesses earn a Designation?

    Live HealthSmart Alabama businesses engage the well-being of their employees, transforming Alabama into a state where everyone can enjoy a healthy future. How to become a Live HealthSmart Alabama business:

    • Encourage employees to take short physical activity breaks or “exercise snacks” during the day.
    • Ensure clean, cool water is always available to employees at no cost.
    • Post promotional signage on vending machines to promote the healthier items.
    • Host annual educational sessions including, but not limited to, the relationship between lifestyle and health, weight management, smoking cessation, healthy lifestyle choices, and behavioral change, and skill building programs.
  • What if I’m not classified as a school, restaurant, or business?

    If you feel your organization doesn’t fall into any of these categories, reach out through our contact us page and someone from our team will contact you to learn more about your organization.