Mobile Market

The Mobile Market is filled with fresh produce and a selection of pantry staples, proteins, and dairy. Our grocery-store-on-wheels has everything you need to cook (and eat) nutritious food at an affordable price.

Shop the Market

Purchasing on-site is easy; simply present cash, credit, debit, or your EBT card at checkout. 

Cooking Demos

Interested in learning how to make delicious healthy meals? The Live HealthSmart Alabama Mobile Market has partnered with local chefs to perform cooking demonstrations at select market stops—using food available at the Mobile Market! View the schedule above to see when we will be in your community or try it at home with one of our downloadable recipes.

Why a Mobile Market?

According to an article written by the UAB Institute for Human Rights, almost 2 million Alabamians live in a food desert. Of those, nearly 150,000 people reside in Birmingham communities. While each community’s needs are unique, limited access to fruits and vegetables is a consistent issue in many of our neighborhoods. To address this, the Mobile Market visits over 20 communities across Birmingham.