Live HealthSmart Alabama is driven by those who believe in our important work. As such, we are only as strong as the communities, companies, and organizations who help support our initiatives and share our views for a happier, healthier Alabama.

In Alabama, there are others who share our same mindset, but there are few who have been supporting communities across the state for over 100 years. Founded in 1907, Protective Life was a company created for Alabamians—to be a place that helped build resources and prosperity at home. Executive Director of the Protective Life Foundation, Eva Robertson, said: “Because we were a company by Alabamians, for Alabamians, we like to say that being a responsible community member is in our DNA.”

“We look at the communities where we live and work as places that we should strive to improve lives, not just our business,” added Robertson.

Since the beginning, Protective has offered its customers services that provide security and freedom. Through life insurance, asset protection, and retirement products, Protective is committed to helping people support their dreams. This principle applies not only to Protective’s business but also to their community revitalization philanthropy effort, Protecting Good.

While planning for Protective Stadium, executives recognized the new responsibility this namesake would have. Whether there were long lines or high prices, every interaction community members would have with the stadium would in a small way reflect on the Protective brand. Fortunately for Birmingham and the surrounding residents, this responsibility is something Protective takes seriously.

Robertson explained, “While we knew the stadium would mean so much to the city, we also realized there was a group of neighbors adjacent to the stadium that would be getting some of the things like traffic, trash, noise, and lights without necessarily reaping benefits like free event tickets, jobs, and revenue.”

“It was our choice to lean in and ensure the surrounding communities would experience good things from this development,” added Robertson.

Launched in collaboration with the City of Birmingham and the State Department of Insurance, Protecting Good has created a consolidated system that works to give back to the residents of Druid Hills, Fountain Heights, Norwood, Evergreen, and Central City. This program aims to help 171 community members navigate home renovation and roof repair by assisting with funding applications, streamlined processes, and industry expertise. Once approved, residents under the Protecting Good program will receive a FORTIFIED roof with 30-year shingles that can withstand up to a category three hurricane or a category two tornado.

“On Mondays, we track our progress and add the newly completed houses to our job board. It’s very rewarding. At the time of this interview, we are at 83 completed houses, but that changes daily,” said Robertson.

protecting good map

She added, “We asked ourselves, ‘What else can we do?’ And, after finding Live HealthSmart Alabama’s comprehensive Playbook, we saw the potential for a partnership that would build on our progress, but in a different way.” After contacting Live HealthSmart Alabama, the two teams discussed ways to expand services such as the Mobile Market and Mobile Wellness vans, built environment planning (new sidewalks, ADA ramps, etc.), and educational resources into the Protecting Good communities.

When asked what stood out to Protective about Live HealthSmart Alabama, Robertson responded, “It was important to us that LHSA listened to the community. Their team connected with residents and heard what they needed and wanted. It was a similar approach to ours, and we knew it could be sustainable and scalable in each of our communities.

Health frames every aspect of society and has a direct economic impact on the community. Live HealthSmart Alabama works hand-in-hand with residents and more than 100 trusted partners—like Protective Life—to make good health simple for all Alabamians.

“The beauty of working with partners is the multiplier effect. Everybody feeds in time, energy, and resources, making the result so much bigger and better than if we were all to work alone,” reflected Robertson.

She added, “I want to give a shout-out and thank you to Drs. Mona Fouad and Fouad Fouad. They have been dedicated to this work for a long time and have created pathways for other people and companies to make a difference. We are fortunate to live in a city with people who care, have good hearts, and want to get involved. An organization like UAB’s Live HealthSmart Alabama will ensure our work in these communities stays in front of people, making all the difference.”