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Canine Immunoneurotherapeutics Trial

People share many things with the dogs in their lives. Unfortunately, that can include a tendency to develop brain tumors.

We share more than our lives with our pets – we share our living space, our air, our recreational activities and sometimes our food. One Medicine is the concept that veterinary in human medicines often overlap and that each can learn from the other to the benefit of both.

Our Canine Immunoneurotherapeutics Trial, or CANINE, has received funding from the National Institutes of Health to use human therapies to treat and study canine brain tumors. Interestingly, dogs and humans develop malignant brain tumors at about the same rate, and these tumors are biologically similar. A trial like this allows us to provide compassionate care to animals, advance the field of veterinary medicine and better understand the biological effects of treatment. Discovering what we have in common may just lead to a cure.

Please review the information on this site to determine if our trial is right for you and your pet. Veterinarians may contact any of the regional study sites for more information regarding referrals.

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