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C3P2 CAB 3By: Sunasia Mims 

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) for our new National Cancer Institute Center CARES (Cancer Awareness, Research, Engagement, and Support) is comprised of representatives from faith-based organizations, businesses, civic organizations, local healthcare providers, and residents, plays a pivotal role in of the mission of the project in enhancing cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and the overall well-being of cancer survivors.

The CAB brings valuable input in the scientific, planning, evaluation, and dissemination expertise to the Center's leadership under the expert guidance of Maria Pisu, Ph.D., professor of Medicine in the Division of Preventive Medicine, and Mona Fouad, M.D., director of the UAB Minority Health and Health Equity Research Center (MHERC).

On August 29, 2023, the CAB held its initial meeting, with members representing Evergreen, Druid Hills, Central City, Fountain Heights, Norwood, and Bessemer. Their collaboration is instrumental in shaping and refining strategies aimed at optimizing the external validity of research findings and supporting the evidence-based outcomes of research endeavors.

“I aspire to be the unwavering advocate for every individual in our community”, says Darlena Battle, CAB member and the representative for Fountain Heights, “It is my firm belief that every member of our community, whether they have a home or not, deserves to have their voice amplified. I am deeply grateful for the chance to serve on this groundbreaking grant initiative, where I can be a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of so many."

The involvement of the community is paramount in driving impactful research. Through the Community Advisory Board, research scientists gain valuable insights on how to conduct studies with the best interests of the communities at the forefront. The monthly CAB meetings serve as a platform to share ideas, deliberate on crucial policies, procedures, and help implement the stages of the research. Over the next five years, this CAB will help drive substantial advancements in cancer research that will address how structural and institutional factors of persistent poverty relate to cancer.

c3p2 cab 2From left to right (front row): Tiffany Osborne, MHERC Director of Community Engagement; Darlena Battle; Tish Fletcher; Nathaniel Brooks; Bettina Byrd Giles; Nadia Richardson
(middle row): Myeisha Hutchinson; Dr. Maria Pisu, Professor Medicine, Preventive Medicine; Kaitlyn Waugaman, Program Manager; Paramita Das, MHERC Educational Liaison; Dr. Laura Rogers, Professor Medicine, Preventive Medicine; Ann Smith, Director, MHERC Training Program; Grace Okoro, MHERC Program Manager II
(back row): Toraine Norris, Carl Hill Jr., Patrick Chapman, Emily Hudson, Pauline Long, John Baldwin

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