March 25, 2020

Request for proposals: COVID-19 research in the School of Medicine

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The School of Medicine (SOM) and the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute invite SOM-affiliated investigators to submit short (maximum of 2 pages with 12 point font) proposals for funding for urgent, high-impact research on COVID-19. Proposals are due Monday, March 30, 2020 by 5 p.m. and will be reviewed on a rolling basis every Monday until funds are exhausted.

Given the rapidly escalating nature of the crisis, proposals that have time to impact measured in weeks or months will be prioritized.

Examples of proposals of high value include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

1. Repurposing already-available drugs to treat COVID-19.

2. Devices (perhaps 3D-printed) to increase ventilator capacity or repurpose other oxygenation devices to serve as ventilators.

3. Rapid and/or scalable diagnostics for COVID-19 (even methods that are highly sensitive, but modestly specific, would be useful in order to conservatively over-approximate the need for stricter testing and home-quarantine).

4. Hypothesis-generating observational trials to look for signals of higher or lower risk to COVID-19 based on readily available factors.

5. Plans to rapidly deploy serological testing to determine COVID-19 immunity.

6. Realistic, scalable community interventions that can reduce the growth of COVID-19.

7. Generation of COVID-19 reagents such as peptides, plasmids, clones, recombinant proteins, and/or antibodies for research purposes.

Proposals should include the following:

Impact statement: clearly state the impact on COVID-19 if successful and the estimated probability of success.

Time to impact: state by when you expect the impact to materialize.

Research plan: describe the research to be conducted with this funding.

Exceptions needed: clearly state any exceptions required to limited business operations to conduct this research.

Limiting factors: if there are any non-financial limitations to the conduct of the research (such as adequate PPE), please state them.

High-level budget: costs may include lab technicians, remote graduate students, lab supplies and equipment, but not faculty salary.
Support will be initially restricted to six months. Request for support beyond six months must make an argument for what impact beyond six months is expected.

Maximum budget: $75,000. Proposals that minimize costs are preferred.

Please email submissions to
Components should include:
• Proposal - maximum 2 page, 12 point font
• Budget and justification – 1 page
• NIH Biosketch(es)