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Disruptive Tech Empowering Precision Health (D-TECH)

Precision medicine approaches health from a holistic point of view. Advances in digital health and science are revolutionizing precision medicine with the potential to impact the entire spectrum of health care with the ultimate goal of delivering the most effective and efficient, value-based healthcare.

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Health Equity

Health equity is about empowering the opportunity for a healthy life for all people. Our focus on health disparities research plays a key role in improving health equity by investigating different biological factors, social determinants, and healthcare use between the general population and underserved groups who face health equity problems. 

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I-4ward (Infection, Inflammation, Immunity, and Immuno-Therapy)

I-4ward focuses on the microbes that promote health and disease, the inflammatory processes, the immune system, and the medicines and therapies used to treat and prevent acute and chronic diseases. I-4ward integrates the expertise and resources at UAB to build unified, interdisciplinary programs in inflammation-based fundamental and clinical research. This area will impact almost all diseases studied and treated at UAB.

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Brain Health and Disease Across the Lifespan

Brain health and development is critical for how individuals learn about and interact with the world, and genetic or environmental factors during development can result in profound yet common intellectual disabilities or disorders. Focusing on brain research will help understand brain disease states, identify genetic states, harness advanced neuro-technology, and transform care of brain-related diseases at UAB and across the nation.

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