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Mary Heersink Institute for Global Health

Improving the overall health and functional well-being and promoting equity in health outcomes among people around the world

The global health paradox persists despite tech advances with challenges seen narrowly by location, diseases, and disciplines. Tackling these disparities needs a new, comprehensive, multidimensional approach.

Healthy People

We're promoting global health scholarship and developing scholars in global health, leveraging partnerships with other global health initiatives at UAB and globally

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Equitable Partnerships

We're promoting and enabling multi-directional multinational research, service, and capacity building grounded in equity and mutual respect to identify and implement innovative global health solutions

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Around the World

We're nucleating global health research, education, and service for UAB Medicine and UAB Heersink School of Medicine

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    Apr 01, 2024
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    Mar 22, 2024
  • Mary Heersink Institute for Global Health announces associate director to promote faculty engagement in global health
    Mar 07, 2024