The Kirklin Clinic, a 5-story 454,000 square foot outpatient facility designed by well known architect I. M. Pei, provides examination and treatment rooms for 660 physicians in almost every specialty in adult medicine. Over 1533 patients are seen each day in the clinic's 257 exam rooms. This facility has become one of the busiest outpatient clinics in America.

The Kirklin Clinic possesses its own radiology facilities that are networked with the main hospital. Approximately 775 abdominal CTs are performed each month.

The Kirklin Clinic has one Philips Brilliance Power 40-channel CT scanner, one GE LightSpeed 16-slice CT scanner with cardiac gating and one GE HD750 64-slice CT Scanner with complete cardiac package, iterative reconstruction and dual energy.

Between University Hospital, Kirklin Clinic, and UAB Highlands there are 5 Sequoias and 10 IU22's. The 3 locations do a wide variety of ultrasound exams; about 60% of the examinations are vascular. In addition, Kirklin Clinic has 2 physicians and 1 sonographer workstations.

Three digital fluoroscopic rooms handle one of the busiest GI services in the nation. Additionally, there are two IVP rooms.

There are separate reading rooms for GI/GU, Musculoskeletal, Body CT, Ultrasound, and Chest.

There is also a breast imaging section with four full field digital (GE) mammography units, a stereotactic biopsy table, and three dedicated ultrasound machines. Our breast imaging facility has received the Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence designation by the ACR. Breast MRI is performed on site, with MR guided biopsy capability and this is an ACR accredited site for breast MRI. The breast imaging section performs over 28,000 exams per year, including 4300 breast ultrasounds per year. Approximately 12,300 of these exams are screening mammograms, approximately 4100 are breast image guided procedures, and 1300 are breast MRI's and/or breast MR guided biopsies.

The basement of Kirklin Clinic houses the MRI Suite for outpatient imaging. Four magnets including two fully equipped GE Signa HDxt 1.5 tesla units, Philips 1.5 tesla Achieva and Philips 3.0 tesla Achieva units provide state of the art neurological, musculoskeletal, vascular and body MR imaging for patients cared for by physicians in and beyond the UAB system.

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