The 885,000-foot, 11-story North Pavilion opened in December 2004 with 37 operating suites, 2 procedure rooms, 3 medical surgical units, 4 intensive care units - trauma and burn intensive care, surgical intensive care, neuroscience intensive care, and cardiovascular intensive care - and a 38,000 square foot, 45 private treatment room University Emergency Department (UED).

University Hospital has 12 levels, including a basement and helipad and contains 96 well-appointed, private patient rooms.

You could build a 4-foot-wide sidewalk from Birmingham to Mobile with the amount of concrete used to build the facility.

With the addition of this hospital building, the UAB core hospital complex includes six city blocks and 14 major buildings. The entire UAB campus now encompasses 83 city blocks.

An average floor in the hospital is roughly 105,000 square feet; approximately equivalent to fifty 2,000-square-foot houses.

There is enough steel to build 2,300 automobiles.

The second floor serves as the main concourse into the University Hospital complex from the new visitor parking deck, with its primary entrance on 4th Avenue South.

University Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art digital and wireless technology.