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Our Mission

We aim to empower women through mentorship, outreach, and training with the goal of closing the gender gap in the specialty.

What We Do

The WIRED Interest Group is a student-led initiative that aims to introduce early-career women to the field of radiology and provides education, skills, and community to advance these women’s personal and professional goals. We hope to close the gender gap in radiology by highlighting the role of the radiologist in patient care, correcting common misconceptions about radiology careers, and providing access to role models and mentors. We believe that addressing the gender gap within radiology is critical to advancing patient care.

Why Radiology?

Do you love learning, checking things off a “list,” and putting things into perspective? Do you enjoy a good game night, working in a group, and quiet time to think? If yes, then radiology just might be the career for you!

As consultant physicians, radiologists are critical contributors to patient care. Radiologists work on the cutting edge of technology to provide differential diagnoses and interventional options for patients and clinicians. The scope of the speciality means a radiologist can truly personalize her career to be as generalized or subspecialized and patient- or clinician-facing as she desires. In addition, both diagnostic and interventional radiologists perform procedures that range from bone marrow biopsies to infertility treatments. We serve other women through breast imaging and provide guidance and support during intimate, difficult times. Lastly, the nature of the speciality means flexibility with scheduling (and work-from-home options) so that non-work priorities don’t have to come second to your career. Reach out to us for more information, shadowing and research opportunities and fun events!

Meet our Team

Renu Pandit | Co-President

Renu Pandit | Co-President

Renu Pandit, UABSOM ‘22
Twitter: @renupandit_
Laura Minton | Co-President

Laura Minton | Co-President

Laura Minton, UABSOM ’24 (Co-founder)
Twitter: @lauraminton_
Tarushi Tanaya | Secretary

Tarushi Tanaya | Secretary

Tarushi Tanaya, UABSOM ‘24
Twitter: @tarushi_tanaya
Ishika Patel | Undergraduate Chair

Ishika Patel | Undergraduate Chair

Ishika Patel, UAB ‘23
Jamie Davison | MS1 Coordinator

Jamie Davison | MS1 Coordinator

Resident Advisors                 

Faculty Advisor

Cathy Chen (Co-founder)
Adrian Murray
Mary Beth Oglesby
Ami Desai

 Dr. Desmin Milner

Featured Events

  • Connecting the Dots: Joint event with American Medical Women Association with reflections by Dr. Desmin Milner

  • Galentine’s Happy Hour: Sangria with medical students and residents

  • Presence: Social media workshop and professional headshots


  • WIRED Podcast: Highlighting the experiences of women in radiology


  • Girls Inc of Central Alabama Eureka STEM Summer Collaboration: Ultrasound workshop

  • Girlspring article (reaches 13,000 viewers/month)


Let’s Connect!

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