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Jian Xiong Wang


Jian-xiong Wang, Ph.D., CCPM-MRI

Associate Professor, Division of Physics and Engineering

205-975-8135 | Location: GSB 301J

Jian-xiong Wang, Ph.D., CCPM-MRI earned his bachelor’s degree in nuclear science from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, followed by a Ph.D. in physics from University of Paris-Sud, France.

After a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in the Physics Department, Dr. Wang became a Scientist in the USA-Canada-UK collaborative Sudbury Neutrino Observatory which proved neutrino oscillation. As a team member, Dr. Wang was awarded the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.

Dr. Wang joined the Medical Physics field in 2000, and became a certified medical physicist specializing in MRI Physics in 2005. He became an MRI Scientist at GE Healthcare in 2006 developing multi-nuclear MRI system and methodology. In 2013, he became a faculty member in Radiology at UTSW, where he worked on metabolic MRI physics.

Dr. Wang is now an Associate Professor in the Physics and Engineering Division of the Radiology Department at UAB.

Dr. Wang has a broad background and experience in medical imaging physics, especially a wide range of expertise in MRI systems including RF sequences and RF coils. Dr. Wang is also interested in compressed sensing, parallel imaging, and machine learning applied in medical imaging.

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