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Xizeng Wu, Ph.D., DABR

Retired Professor Emeritus, Division of Physics and Engineering

Xizeng Wu, received his Ph. D. in theoretical high-energy physics in 1983 from City University of New York, and had his two-year postdoctoral training at Massachusetts Institute in 1983-1985, and another postdoctoral training at University of Cincinnati in 1985-1988. He received his medical physics fellowship training here at UAB in 1988, and he joined the faculty of the department in 1989.

Dr. Wu has a broad background and experiences in medical imaging physics. The mammography radiation dosimetry tables developed by him and colleagues have been adopted as the standard dosimetry tables in the U.S. since 1994. These dosimetry tables are used by medical physicists of this country in their routine works for the regulation compliance and mammography techniques optimization. In recent years his research focuses on the x-ray phase sensitive imaging, an emerging imaging field that attracts extensive research efforts over the world. He serves as the principal investigator or co-investigator for several federal grants to develop phase contrast imaging techniques. His works in this research field are widely cited. Dr. Wu participated in radiology resident teaching through several CT physics courses every year until his retirement in 2020.

Selected Publications:

Wu X, Barnes GT, Tucker DM: Spectral dependence of glandular tissue dose in screen-film mammography. Radiology 179:143-148, 1991.

Wu X: Line shapes of magnetization transfer via cross relaxation. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 94:186-190, 1991.

Wu X, Gingold EL, Barnes GT and Tucker DM: Normalized average glandular dose in Molybdenum target-Rhodium filter and Rhodium target-Rhodium filter mammography. Radiology 193:83-89, 1994.

Wu X and Liu H: A general theoretical formalism for X-ray phase contrast imaging, Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology 11: 33-42, 2003.

Wu X and Liu H: Clinical implementation of phase contrast x-ray imaging: theoretical foundation and design considerations, Medical Physics 30: 2169-2179, 2003.

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Wu X, Liu H: Clarification of aspects in in-line phase-sensitive x-ray imaging, Medical Physics 34: 737-743, 2007.

Yan A, Wu X and Liu H, “Quantitative theory of X-ray interferometers based on dual phase grating: fringe period and visibility,” Optics Express 26: 23142-23155, 2018.

Yan A, Wu X, Liu H, “Sample phase gradient and fringe phase shift in dual phase grating X-ray interferometry,” Optics Express 27: 35437-35447, 2019.

M. Ghani, X. Wu, L. Fajardo, Z. Jing, B. Zheng, M. Wong, F. Omoumi, Y. Li, A. Yan, P. Jenkins, S. Hills, Y. Qiu, L. Linstroth, H. Liu, “Development and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of a Patient-Specific High Energy X-ray Phase Sensitive Breast Tomosynthesis System”, Medical Physics, 2020 , Accepted.